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AEC Organizations

Build Out Alliance

New York, NY
Build Out Alliance promotes and advocates for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community within the building design and construction industry. Our members build an environment where people serve openly and with pride across all roles and sectors of the industry. We lead by example in our own work environments and through partnerships with community organizations.

Virtual Groups

LGBTQ+ Architects & Allies

This group is for folks looking to network and advocate for LGBTQ+ & gender inclusivity in the professional world of Architecture. Please join us if you are interested in elevating LGBTQ+ visibility and amplifying LGBTQ+ voices, and celebrating the historical and modern presence and contributions of the LGBTQ+ community to Architectural Design.

QCAD - Queer Community of Architects and Designers

The Queer Community of Architects and Designers has the goal of not only championing diversity within the design profession but also establishing a space where LGBTQ architects can share their experiences and communicate with other members in the LGBTQ community; acting as a community resource for LGBTQ architects; and creating a recognized voice on the national stage for LGBTQ architects.

AIA-affiliated Organizations

AIA Austin LGBTQIA+ Alliance

Austin, TX
All are welcome to a new committee at AIA Austin for LGBTQIA+ members and their allies. This new initiative aims to create a space for our LGBTQ+ members to start conversations, build community, and foster diversity and inclusion within our profession and organization.

University-affiliated Organizations


Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, New York, NY
Queer Students of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation) is a student organization that seeks to foster both conversation and community among LGBTQ students, their allies, faculty, and alumni of GSAPP. We actively explore contemporary queer topics and their relationships to the built environment through an engagement with theory and practice.

Reading Material

Out in Architecture?

Stephen Hicks for AIA Architect, Architect Magazine, October 7, 2020
Workplace norms are changing, but how inclusive is the profession for LGBTQI+ architects?

Amplifying the Voices of LGBTQI+ Architects

Salo Aburto, NCARB.org, June 30, 2020As Pride Month comes to an end, we want to dedicate space on our platform to celebrate and amplify the voices and work of LGBTQI+ architecture professionals. Through submissions from architects (and candidates) nationwide, we’ve been able to compile their stories, experiences, and perspectives to share with the entire architecture community, plus resources for LGBTQI+ architecture professionals and allies.

Raising LGBTQ+ voices in architecture

Kathleen M. O'Donnell, AIA.org, 2019
To strike a path toward greater equity and inclusion in architecture, queer architects encourage others to identify themselves and come together.

You Might Think You Know Me

A.L. Hu, Architect Magazine, October 10, 2018
Only after we let go of the gender binary can we begin to come to terms with the ideologies of inequality that have been normalized in offices and studios for far too long.

Queering Architecture: (Un)Making Places

Éloïse Choquette, Site Magazine, vol. 38 (May 
2018): 39.

Podcast Episodes

Voices from the Future of the Profession

Practice Disrupted with Evelyn Lee and Je’nen Chastain, Episode 016, October 1, 2020Future leaders of the profession share diverse perspectives on architecture and the LGBTIQ+ community

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