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This survey launched in March 2021 and is ongoing. 

QUEERIES 1 is a nationwide survey of LGBTQ architects and designers at various points in their career, including students and practitioners, regarding workplace and school conditions, challenges, and barriers in the profession.

The project takes the position that personal identities are political, and that quantifying and qualifying personal identities and experiences is important to both the diversity and sustainability of design professions. As LGBTQIA+ issues and queer spaces become increasingly important, engagement with the queer design community is vital to improve the design of inclusive spaces.

Below is a preview of the questions. 

Queerness & You
This section contains questions about you and your relationship to queerness. 
  • How many years have you lived on this Earth?
  • Where on Earth do you currently reside? (city, state, country)
  • How would you describe your race / where are your ancestors from?
  • How would you describe your gender identity?
  • How would you describe your sexual orientation/configuration?
  • Are you out to your family?
  • Are you out to your friends?
  • Who is your queer design icon and why?

Queerness & Labor
This section contains questions about your queerness and your workplace.
  • Are you currently employed?
  • What type of design work do you do?
  • How many employees work at your workplace?
  • Are you out at your workplace?
  • Would you like to share how you came out at work?
  • Did you choose your workplace based on its culture?
  • Does your workplace's culture create a space that is inclusive and welcoming to LGBTQIA+ people?

Queerness & Design
This section contains questions about your queerness as it relates to your design practice.
  • How do your identities impact your design philosophy (regardless of whether or not you are out in your workplace)?
  • Are you able to bring your whole self / all of your identities into your design practice? If yes, how? If not, why not?
  • What are the ways your identities have helped you when designing?
  • What are the ways your identities have hindered you when designing?
  • What does queer design mean to you?
  • What parts of architecture / design / work need queering?  


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